Relative minor

Relative minor keys
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This page is an overview of relationship between a major its relative minor scale.

The relative minor of a major scale in a given key is the (natural) minor scale that contains the same note names as that major scale.

Every major scale key has a relative minor.

Given a major scale in a given key, the key / tonic of its relative minor is the 6th note of the major scale.

Using E-flat as an example, the 6th note of the Eb major scale is note C, so the relative minor scale is C natural minor scale.

C minor scale

The key / tonic of a relative major is the 3rd note of a given minor scale.

From the minor scale diagram above, the 3rd note is Eb, so the relative major scale is Eb major scale.

To see the relative minors of all 12 common major and minor scales on a diagram, have a look at the Circle of fifths.